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Press Release for Thank You Jamaica, the new album by Harry Mo.

Consistent excellence is not easy to achieve in the arts,  especially so with music. To consistently release high-quality songs, lyrics and recordings take a tremendous amount of effort, persistence, and love of one’s craft. Harry Mo has displayed all of that on his new, fifth studio album appropriately titled “Thank You Jamaica”.


As with his previous releases, Thank You Jamaica showcases high-level musical production, performances and thought provoking, well crafted lyrics. The title track features another awesome and witty Waitkubli (Dominica) reggae artist Aima Moses who smoothly and strongly chants as he and Harry Mo thank Jamaica for sweet reggae music and Rastafari livity which have influenced both of their lives tremendously. Quite appropriate in this current time period of the reggae music industry. Other very strong tracks on the album include Dread All Around, the Nyahbinghi tune African Unity, Doing It Right Now a song of praise, Who Kill De Rastaman and Ou Sommes Nous (Where Are We) sang in his native French Creole. Every tune holds it’s own weight as the album features various reggae beats and tempos with strong song lyrics on various subject matters all contributing to a great, never boring listening experience.


The album was recorded mostly in Normandy, France at Rootsmen Studios with brothers Farid and Karim Boukezzoula playing bass and drums respectively. Well known reggae guitarist/singer, Russ “Tuff Lion” Williams does superb work on both guitar and backing vocals while Harry Mo plays his usual sweet keys. Overdubs, mixing and mastering was completed at Red Rock Recording Studios and at Harry Mo’s Yellow Hill Music studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


This album Thank You Jamaica is a straight up roots, Rasta music set of tunes with conscious lyrics. Lovers of good authentic roots reggae are encouraged to add this one to their collection. You won’t regret it.


Please check out the following links to listen and view this and other works by the humble Rastaman, Harry Mo. Give thanks.









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