Application Deadline is September 18, 2017
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Registration Fee(s)

Tent 10X10

Art & Craft 175.00 | Food 250.00 | Food Truck 350.00 | Beverage 200.00 | Marketing 200.00

Food Vendors Are Responsible for Obtaining Food Permit: Please call the City of Houston @ 832-393-5100. Permit must be purchased 7 days in Advance of the Event. ADDRESS: 8000 N Stadium Dr., 2nd floor, Houston, TX 77054.

Vendors need to provide their own item below: 󠆲Tent 10X10 Let us know if bigger | 󠆲Electricity | 󠆲Ice | 󠆲Food permit | 󠆲Trash Bags | 󠆲Dispose of oil | 󠆲Fire Extinguisher | 󠆲All Vendors must have wristband on at all time | 󠆲Sanitizer | 󠆲First Aid Kit | 󠆲Table, chairs, or needed furnitures or equipments

IMPORTANT NOTE: Food truck must be in compliance with all rules and regulation for operation. The Fire Marshal will inspect all Food Trucks to see if they are in compliance. *

Make all payments through our payment system online

I/we, agree to oblige by the above rules and regulations to ensure safety. Your Health Food Permit must be displayed visibly in your booth during Festival Hours. By clicking the Submit Button constitute your legal signature.


If preferred other methods, Download complete application here and email or mail Payments & Applications to the below address. Attn: Food Vendor Applications

Checks and money order payable to HOUSTON AFRO-CREOLE MUSIC FESTIVAL, LLC
Cashier’s Checks or Money Order (no personal checks)

Please read the vendor Rules and Regulations Here following pages before submitting your Application.

Vendor Spaces Are Assigned on a First-Come-First-Serve Basis